We have extensive experience in the design, project management, delivery and on-going support of sizable construction projects. From the typically challenging demands of remote locations and the difficult terrains of heavy industry, to state-of-the-art residential and office-based property within bustling city locations, we can oversee all aspects of your property construction.

We have firsthand experience of managing complex, large scale construction projects in the remotest of locations. We design buildings that meet the exact requirements of our customers. Our engineering capability focuses on every detail – from surveying the land to structural integrity.

We’ll design and build your property using the latest materials and construction techniques – to ensure its longevity and a high standard of finish that will benefit everyone living or working there. Our innovative construction methods and technologies mean that, no matter where your development, we can build it cost effectively, and within tight deadlines. However, we consider health and safety just as important. All our staff and sub-contracted staff have to demonstrate adherence to our strict safety guidelines – and these are assessed continuously.

We oversee the entire project on your behalf, managing the day-to-day construction work, liaising with local and global suppliers, building access roads and ensuring compliance to local environmental and planning legislation. We’ll make sure your finished development is fully functional with regards to essential services such as water, waste, electricity and telecommunications.

When you need a concept-to-delivery construction service to oversee your development in Islamabad – no matter how complex – we can ensure your project gets off the ground.

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